Academic Care

Health insurance for international students

Academic Care provides health coverage for international students modelled on the LAMal/KVG basic insurance. The insurance can be taken out directly by the international students themselves or by private schools in the form of a framework contract on behalf of their pupils/students. Learn about the coverage offered and additional benefits.


  • Academic Care provides coverage in the event of illness, accident and maternity along similar lines to the coverage provided by compulsory insurance as stipulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG).
  • It includes legal protection in the event of medical error and a death benefit.
  • Policyholders can choose between three deductibles: CHF 0, CHF 100 or CHF 500.
  • It can be offered by:
    • private schools (school establishments, universities and graduate schools, etc.) in the form of a framework contract on behalf of pupils/students;
    • international students coming to Switzerland to study in a public educational establishment, who are not required to take out compulsory insurance as stipulated by LAMal/KVG.
  • It can be taken out up to the age of 40.
  • It can be combined with our Global School supplemental health insurance, which extends the coverage provided by Academic Care.

Academic Care and Global School

Our basic and supplemental health insurance programme for students

Main benefits

Treatments delivered by doctors or therapists with medical prescription

  • Treatments provided by doctors, chiropractors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, language therapists, occupational therapists and dieticians
  • Unlimited coverage


  • General ward in Switzerland
  • Unlimited coverage (tariff of the canton of residence)


  • Medicines from the official list of medicinal products (LS/SL), on prescription
  • Unlimited coverage

Medical aids and appliances

  • According to the LiMA/MiGeL list of medical aids and appliances
  • Unlimited coverage

Transport, search and rescue

  • Costs covered
  • 50% max. CHF 500 for transport
    50% max. CHF 5,000 for search and rescue
    Costs in addition to Groupe Mutuel Assistance coverage


  • Groupe Mutuel Assistance
  • Assistance, supervision and repatriation to Switzerland in the event of a medical emergency beyond a radius of 20 km from the place of residence in Switzerland.

Legal protection of the patient

  • Legal assistance, lawyer’s and legal costs in the event of medical error
  • Up to CHF 300,000/event

Death benefit

  • In the event of accidental death
  • CHF 10,000

Medical advice by telephone

  • Medical advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free
  • Transparency: health coverage is modelled on that stipulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG).
  • Simplicity: a single product covers your international students against the main health risks.
  • Complementarity: Global School fits perfectly with Academic Care, improving coverage in a number of areas.

Request a personalised offer online

  • Use the corporate online offers system to send us your information, without any obligation on your part. Once assessed, we will be able to send you a personalised offer.

  • Request an offer online
Request advice
  • By phone

  • 0848 803 777
    08.00 – 12.00
    13.30 – 17.00
    On the Swiss landline network: national rate / On the Swiss mobile network: according to your mobile network operator.

  • By fax

  • 0848 803 112

  • Meet an adviser

  • Form to request a contact

Frequently asked questions

Yes, anyone legally resident in Switzerland must take out compulsory health insurance within three months of taking up residence or being born. If the person in question does not sign up on their own or if they are not signed up by their legal representative within this period, they will be automatically registered by the canton or commune of residence.

In the event of an unjustifiable delay in signing up to the insurance, interest on arrears will be charged by the insurer.

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