Extended LAA/UVG accident insurance

Extend your accident coverage

Have you resigned from your job or are you on leave without pay? You remain insured against non-workplace accidents for 31 days. Beyond that deadline, extended insurance allows you to extend your insurance coverage at the best value for money. Discover our extended LAA/UVG insurance.


  • You can take out insurance with Groupe Mutuel if your employer had taken out accident insurance with our company.
  • It ends when you resume a gainful activity of eight hours or more per week.
  • Extended insurance allows you to remain insured against non-workplace accidents while on leave without pay or after leaving your job.
  • The insurance comes into force upon payment of the premium. The payment must be made before the end of your former employer’s coverage (before the 31st day).
  • It is valid for the duration of the agreed insurance period, for a maximum of six months.
  • Individuals receiving unemployment benefits are insured for non-workplace accidents through the law on unemployment insurance (LACI/AVIG). It is not necessary to take out extended LAA/UVG accident insurance.
Main benefits

Allowances, pensions, disability/death benefits


  • Monthly premium
  • CHF 40
  • Security: you extend your protection against non-occupational accidents for up to six months.
  • Savings: extended accident insurance is available for CHF 40 per month.
More information
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  • 058 758 70 32
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    On the Swiss landline network: national rate / On the Swiss mobile network: according to your mobile network operator

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Frequently asked questions

You should immediately inform your line manager or your human resources department. They will then inform your insurer. Doing so quickly will prevent you being sent service provider invoices to your home.

The daily allowance corresponds to 80% of loss of income, payable from the 3rd day following the accident. It takes into account 13th-month pay and any family allowances. The annual income obtained is divided by 365 days and the benefit is calculated on an 80% basis.

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