Insure a domestic worker

Accident insurance

Insurance against workplace and non-workplace accidents

Do you employ a house help, gardener or babysitter? Under the law, you are his/her employer and are required to insure the worker against accidents. Coverage depends on the number of hours the person works for you each week and on the annual salary.

How many hours per week is your domestic worker employed in your home?

  • For fewer than eight hours a week, for an annual salary of less than CHF 10,000: you are required to insure him/her against workplace accidents only.
  • For more than eight hours a week: you are required to cover him/her against workplace and non-workplace accidents.

Does he/she have several employers?
If your domestic worker has several employers, you are required to insure your domestic worker against workplace accidents that occur while working for you.

Social contributions (old-age, disability, loss of earnings, unemployment)

You must announce your domestic worker to the cantonal compensation fund of the household’s canton of residence.  You are responsible for paying social contributions to old-age and survivors, disability, loss of earnings and unemployment insurance (AVS/AHV - AI/IV - APG/EO - AC/ALV).

For more information, please consult the following documents:

Insurance for loss of earnings

In several cantons, standard work contracts (CTT) provide for insurance against loss of income in the event of illness for persons employed in private households. Please check with the cantonal authorities of your canton of residence.

In any case, discover our accident insurance solution (LAA/UVG) against workplace and non-workplace risks for domestic staff and ask us for an offer.

Accident insurance for domestic staff

Accident insurance (LAA/UVG) covers your domestic workers (housekeeper, gardener, babysitter, etc.) against the financial consequences of workplace and non-workplace accidents. Protect your employees and comply with the law for a modest premium of CHF 100 per year.

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