Insure your employees for medical care

Supplemental health insurance

Like all persons residing in Switzerland, employees must take out insurance for medical care through the basic health insurance, according to Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). As an employer, it is in your best interest to ensure that your employees have the best possible coverage.

Global Business and Global Solution supplemental health insurance
To improve the protection of your staff, we offer Global Business and Global Solution. These two supplemental health insurance solutions allow your employees and their family to take out comprehensive health coverage on an individual basis.

Benefits for your employees and your company
With these insurance solutions, your employees

  • access comprehensive health coverage at the best price
  • receive first-rate social benefits

For its part, your company:

  • provides its employees with secure health benefits
  • builds employee loyalty and increases its attractiveness as an employer

Discover our Global Business and Global Solution programmes. Sign up for a group health insurance plan and help protect your employees’ health.

Global Business

Global Business

Supplemental health insurance incorporating three levels of coverage, aimed at SMEs

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Global Solution

Global Solution

Supplemental health insurance incorporating three levels of coverage with three options, aimed at large companies

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