Extending my accident insurance

Remain insured, even when you are not working.

Have you resigned from your job or are you on leave without pay?

After 31 days, you will no longer be protected by your non-workplace accident insurance. Afterwards, extended accident insurance will take over and allow you to continue to benefit from your coverage, at the best value for money.

If your employer has taken out LAA/UVG accident insurance with Groupe Mutuel, we will extend our benefits up to six months after the end of your professional activity.
At the end of this period, you may have returned to work or found a new job. If this is not the case, you may want to consider adding accident coverage to your basic health insurance (LAMal/KVG).

Discover the benefits of extended LAA/UVG insurance coverage.

Extended accident insurance

Insurance that allows persons who leave their job to extend accident coverage (LAA/UVG) with the same insurer for up to six months.

  • Coverage against non-workplace accidents while on leave without pay or after having left a job.
  • Immediate termination, once you resume a professional activity of eight hours or more per week with the same employer.
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