Eight tips to start running

13 May 2024 | Comment(s) |

Livia Zimmermann

On Saturday, the 42nd Grand Prix de Berne will take place. Every year, Switzerland's second-largest popular race attracts some 30,000 running fans from all over the country. Would you like to take up running too? Here is our advice on how to get started.

1. Don't forget to warm up

There are many videos available offering a range of warm-up exercises. The most popular are: leg raises for hip joints, arm circles for shoulder joints, side steps and stretches. By warming up, you prepare your body for exercise and promote joint mobility. Warming up should get you moving, but not be exhausting.

It's also important to warm up gradually. This is so that the organs and muscles are only fully mobilised when they are fully irrigated and supplied with energy.

Quelques règles pour plus de confort

2. Gradually increase your level

All'inizio, non puntare troppo in alto. Inizia con distanze brevi e poi aumenta. I sistemi muscolo-scheletrico e cardiovascolare devono prima abituarsi alla corsa podistica. Non aumentare il volume di allenamento di oltre il 10% alla settimana.

3. Technology and equipment

Jogging doesn't require any particular technique, and there's no one style of running that's right for everyone. Your technique is the right one, as long as it feels good and doesn't hurt.

There's no such thing as the ideal running shoe. Find a shoe that suits you perfectly and gives you the stability you need. Ask for advice in a specialist shop to find the right shoe for you. It’s important to try out the shoes first before running long distances.

As far as clothing is concerned, there are two criteria to bear in mind: breathable clothing and the onion principle (wearing several layers of clothing). Don't wrap yourself up too tightly, because after warming up you're bound to get hot very quickly. Like peeling an onion, start by removing the top layers (long sleeves) when you get too hot.

4. The benefit of intervals

Running training is all about continuity. You need to do something every three days or so to improve your performance. When you're just starting out, interval training is ideal.

For example, you could alternate between running for 1 minute and then walking for 1 minute. Then you can gradually increase the pace by running for 5 to 10 minutes, followed by brisk walking for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Find your own rhythm

There's no perfect speed for jogging, but don't start at full speed. Can you still talk without any problem while you're running? That means you've found your cruising speed. Music can also help you to run in tempo.

6. Don't forget your days off

For your body to regenerate after running, you need to take rest days two or three times a week. If you push yourself too hard, regeneration will take longer. And if you're feeling restless, opt for active rest instead. Go swimming, do yoga or strength training. Simple stretching exercises are also a good option. Listen to your body.

7. Congratulate yourself on how far you've come

Keep yourself motivated by keeping a running diary and taking note of your achievements, congratulating yourself and setting yourself fixed training times. Track your performance with a connected sports watch. Create your own personal playlist and listen to your favourite music while you run. If it helps, you can also find a training partner so you don't have to train alone.

8. Set yourself goals

Do you want to take part in a race? Then find out in advance about the registration deadline and the possible courses (distances, gradients, running surface, etc.). Many races offer shorter courses for beginners. For some races, you will need to give your approximate time when you register, as runners are divided into different starting blocks and start with runners of the same level. The website can help you with this calculation. Many races also offer joint training sessions or training plans for participants. Here's an example from the Grand Prix de Berne.

Plan enough recovery time before the race to be ready for the event.

And don't forget that the most important thing is to have fun!

A bonus for our policyholders

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