Merger of MASA and GMA SA

To better serve our customers, we are pleased to announce that Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA (hereinafter GMA) and Mutuel Assurances SA (hereinafter MASA) have merged in order to improve their structure and administration.

Following approval by the competent authorities, GMA has taken over all insurance contracts of MASA with retroactive effect to 1 January 2021.

This is a merger by absorption with the transfer of all rights and obligations. For the companies insured by MASA, this means that nothing will change except the company name:

  • The current coverage will continue at the same terms and conditions.
  • Contact persons and benefits will remain the same.
  • Rates and benefits remain unchanged.
  • The obligations under MASA shall continue with GMA.

Concerned insurance products:

  • daily allowance benefits pursuant to LCA/VVG;
  • accident insurance pursuant to LAA/UVG;
  • supplemental LAA/UVG accident insurance.

Do you have any questions about this merger?

Please contact our Customer Services by email or by telephone on 0848 803 777.

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