Parental leave

Ensure that employees receive their salary when they need it most

Today, in Switzerland, paid leave for childbirth is 14 weeks for maternity and two weeks for paternity. To allow your employees to make the most of parenthood, you can offer an additional amount of leave for this special time.

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Support the finances of those who contribute to your performance

Your employees’ well-being has a direct impact on their job performance. In this context, parental leave represents a pleasant career break not only for new parents, but also for employers who rely on their employees’ motivation and skills.

During maternity and paternity leave, the Federal Law on Compensation for Loss of Income (LAPG/EOG) covers 80% of an employee's salary, up to a maximum of CHF 196.00 per day. However, this period is also a time of considerable expenses. Your employees are about to find out or rediscover the costs of diapers, nursery furniture and increasing laundry. To help them cope with these extra expenses, you can offer them a full salary:

  • by paying the missing 20 per cent directly at your company's expense
  • by subscribing to maternity and paternity supplements via our daily allowance insurance

This additional attention to your employees is not only a nice way to thank them for their professional commitment but also an incentive when it comes to recruiting new talent for your company.

Make it possible for your employees to extend their parental leave

Each parent experiences the first months of a child’s life differently. And each child goes through this period in a different way. For some parents, returning to work at the end of the statutory leave may be too hasty. To make returning to work less difficult and allow your employees to come back at the right time, you can offer them an extension of maternity or paternity leave:

  • by allowing them to take unpaid leave
  • by offering them a paid extension of their maternity or paternity leave at the expense of your company
  • by subscribing to maternity and paternity supplements through our daily allowance insurance

By taking care of your employees, you are putting all the chances on your side for your company’s performance.

Our solutions for parental leave

Supplemental maternity insurance

Supplemental maternity insurance

Insurance that covers your employees’ income after a birth.

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Supplemental insurance for paternity leave

Supplemental insurance for paternity leave

Insurance that covers your employees’ income after a birth.

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Support the parents of critically ill children

From 1 July 2021, the LAPG/EOG will fill a gap in the Swiss insurance system by introducing a new benefit. This benefit provides for an allowance for parents who take care of a child who is critically ill due to illness or accident. This change provides for 98 days coverage over a period of 18 months and covers up to 80% of income, but up to a maximum of CHF 196.00 per day.

In this context, Groupe Mutuel is offering a new benefit free of charge, as part of the group daily allowance coverage in the event of illness (CGA 01.2022). This new solution supplements the amounts paid under the LAPG/EOG during the 98-day period, up to the amount of the subscribed illness coverage, i.e. potentially up to 100% of the income and maximum of the AVS/AHV salary.

Do you want to better support your pregnant employees?

Find out more about our Case Management Maternity programme and benefit from the assistance of a midwife and from specific measures to alleviate the work of employees during pregnancy and facilitate their return to the workplace.

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