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An illness or accident can have serious consequences on a household’s financial situation. In the most extreme cases, Groupe Mutuel Foundation can provide assistance to help its insured members deal with the financial hardship caused by the situation.

What is individual support?

This measure aims to help insured members who can no longer cope with their situation due to a health problem. The purpose of this assistance, in the form of a special payment, is to cover the costs incurred by an illness or accident.

Am I entitled to assistance?

You may receive individual support if you are insured with Groupe Mutuel and that you meet the following conditions:

  • you have been insured with Groupe Mutuel for compulsory health insurance for at least 24 months;
  • you are not entitled to the full payment of the costs of your illness or accident;
  • you cannot benefit from Groupe Mutuel coverage for the costs incurred by your illness or accident;
  • you are not responsible for the fact that coverage does not fully cover your illness or accident;
  • the financial burden caused by your medical condition is putting a strain on your budget;
  • your illness or accident is not covered by a government body (e.g. disability insurance office – AI/IV).
  • your request for assistance has not been sent to another institution, such as a government body, or you are unable to wait for a reply due to the emergency of the situation.

If your situation meets these criteria, you may send us your request for individual support.

Send my request for assistance

Your application must contain the following documents:

No appeals can be made against decisions concerning a request for assistance.

Once you have completed your file, please send it to us by post or by email*.

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