Groupe Mutuel Corporate

23,000 insured companies

Groupe Mutuel health insurers are able to provide companies with a comprehensive insurance offer. To date, close to 23,000 companies benefit from our expertise as specialists in personal insurance.

Daily allowance insurance

In 2017, daily allowance insurance in the event of illness reported a turnover of CHF 298.6 million (241.9 million in 2016), i.e. an increase of 23.4%.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance recorded a turnover of CHF 101.1. These positive results were made possible thanks to the various tools and solutions that were implemented, which reflects the expertise of Groupe Mutuel in this field.

Occupational benefits

The two pension funds administered by Groupe Mutuel continued to expand.

In 2017, turnover for both institutions increased to reach close to CHF 147.4 million. Thanks to these encouraging results, a remuneration of +3% was added to retirement savings for 2018.

Groupe Mutuel

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