Groupe Mutuel Corporate

23,000 insured companies

In 2018, corporate insurance continued to grow steadily, with the number of corporate clients increasing by over 1,000 new customers to reach a total of 24'000 companies insured by Groupe Mutuel. The overall turnover for daily allowance insurance in the event of illness (daily allowance benefits) and accident insurance rose to more than CHF 461.6 million (+15.5%), compared with CHF 400 million in 2017.

Accident insurance and loss of earnings in the event of illness

Loss of earnings insurance in the event of illness progressed once again satisfactorily by 19.1% and reached a turnover of CHF 355.7 million (298.6 million in 2017). The volume of accident insurance premiums (LAA/UVG) increased to CHF 105.9 million (101.1 million in 2017).

A human dimension to make services more accessible

At Groupe Mutuel, companies can find the full range of insurance for their employees under one roof. Our corporate culture allows us to respond quickly and pragmatically. In addition, the human dimension makes services more accessible and our managers and dedicated partners are perfectly attentive to a company’s needs. The strong growth in the number of corporate clients over the past years reflects the trust placed in the quality of our services, which is one of our main objectives.

Win-win situations in terms of corporate health

As a significant added-value, our various specialists for the management of cases of incapacity for work, absences and corporate health, who make up more than 150 employees, are at the disposal of companies to ensure that all parties involved (employee, employer, insurer) can benefit from win-win situations. Our CorporateCare concept provides the framework and toolbox to ensure that all situations related to corporate health are managed in the best possible way. This is the context in which we intend to innovate by strengthening and developing our services in the coming years as the partner of our corporate clients.

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