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Do you wish to save and plan for your retirement, or protect yourself against the risk of death or disability? Our life insurance and 3rd pillar solutions will allow you to plan for your financial future with complete peace of mind. In this blog, our experts give advice on private pension provision.

Five common misconceptions about life insurance

27.05.2024 by Guillaume Chassot

“Life insurance is only useful in the event of death”, “life insurance is for old people”: misconceptions relating to life insurance can be hard to overcome. While life insurance protects you in the event of death or disability, it also allows you to save and plan for your retirement by taking out a third pillar insurance scheme. Let's find out more about the advantages of life insurance and the misconceptions that surround it.

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The safest strategy for becoming a homeowner

03.05.2024 by Guillaume Chassot

Shall I buy a dream villa with a view or a functional city-centre flat? Or shall I renovate an old house? Ideas are plentiful when you start thinking about purchasing a property. For some people, becoming a homeowner and making their first purchase is easy, but for others it's an obstacle course... Between bank loans, interest rates, equity capital, taking out your second or third pillar pension insurance, amortisation, mortgages, etc., you can quickly feel lost. Below is an overview of the key stages involved in purchasing a property for the first time.

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