Suspend / reactivate my basic insurance

Are you about to spend more than 60 consecutive days in the army or civil service? Or are you currently at the end of your service? Contact us so that we may suspend your basic health insurance for this period, or reactivate it.

Suspend or reactivate your insurance online

Our online form allows you to request a suspension to your basic health insurance at the start of your service, or a reactivation on your return home.

Suspend or reactivate

Frequently asked questions

You can suspend your basic health insurance as soon as you receive your marching order or confirmation of civilian service due to last more than 60 consecutive days. Send us a copy of the document by post or using our notification form. At the end of your service, please send us the certificate of incorporation or a copy of the service booklet in order to confirm the suspension of your insurance. We will then cancel any invoices that will have been stopped during the service period.

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