Report an accident

Workplace or non-workplace accidents

Were you the victim of an accident? Report it to us. We will cover its costs depending on your coverage: basic health insurance, supplemental insurance or compulsory accident insurance of your employer (LAA/UVG). Read our explanations.

Accident report: determine your type of insurance

To determine the nature of your insurance, there are two situations to consider.

  • You are insured against accidents through the compulsory health insurance, according to LAMal/KVG (accident risk included in your basic coverage) because:
    - you are a self-employed person
    - you receive no income from gainful employment or unemployment benefits,
    - you have supplemental insurance (LCA/VVG) with Groupe Mutuel against accidents (ActiVita, Acrobat, SafetyPro)?

Report the accident to us.

  • You are insured against accidents by your employer’s compulsory LAA/UVG insurance because
    - you are an employee, and
    - you work more than eight hours a week for this employer.

Contact your employer’s human resources department. Their employees will report the accident to the LAA/UVG accident insurance company and will take care of all administrative procedures.

Note: if Groupe Mutuel is your employer’s accident insurer, you can report the accident to us by clicking on the button below. We will contact your company’s human resources department.

Report the accident to us.

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