Example of the reintegration of a welder

Reintegration of a welder with serious back problems

Antoine (fictional name) has been working for four years as a welder at Zwahlen & Mayr SA, which specialises in steel constructions. In spring 2010, he was put on sick leave by his doctor because of severe back problems.

Very quickly, the doctor recommended a change of activity: Antoine must avoid carrying loads and be able to alternate postures. At 25 years old, his professional future suddenly took the form of a big question mark.

Detection and coordination of measures
The Groupe Mutuel medical adviser, alerted by a medical report, recommended a case management measure for Antoine. On 28 May, i.e. six weeks after the start of the incapacity for work, a case manager of Groupe Mutuel met Antoine at his home and discussed with him the possibility of changing activities. He immediately contacted Jacques Allegra, HR Manager of Zwahlen & Mayr SA, in order to quickly offer an occupational activity to Antoine.

The main objective of this approach, during which Groupe Mutuel pays the full daily allowance benefits, is to avoid occupational “disintegration”. At the same time, significant coordination work is carried out with the disability insurance, which must determine Antoine’s rights in terms of occupational reclassification as soon as possible.

Towards successful reintegration

All that remains is to find a suitable activity for Antoine at Zwahlen & Mayr SA. Mr. Allegra's creativity, combined with his great sense of social responsibility, led to a concrete solution: a new machine operator position for computer numerical control was offered to Antoine.

This solution, which involved a training period of four to six months, was made possible by a significant contribution from the disability insurance to training costs and the payment of daily allowances by Groupe Mutuel during this period.

The smooth running of this transition phase was regularly assessed by the case manager and, in December 2010, Antoine was fully operational in his new position. This marks the end of the case management follow-up and the beginning of a new professional challenge for Antoine.

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