Example of the reintegration of an operating theatre nurse

Reintegration of an operating theatre nurse having suffered a heart attack

Michel (fictional name), an operating theatre nurse who suffered a heart attack in the middle of the operating room, considered himself lucky. He was immediately attended to by his colleagues. Today, he has found a new job in the same clinic thanks to a successful rehabilitation programme, supported in this by a Groupe Mutuel case manager. Testimony.

In April 2012, Michel, a 57-year-old operating theatre nurse, collapsed in the operating room. Following the heart attack, he underwent angioplasty but was unable to return to work. After a rehabilitation period, he hoped that he would be able to take up his job again in the operating theatre of the clinic CIC Riviera in Clarens.

However, the doctor was adamant: Michel would not be allowed to return to work because of the strenuous and stressful nature of his job. This was a huge blow to someone with a 37-year career behind him... The help of a Groupe Mutuel case manager would prove decisive.

An efficient approach
“This kind of situation raises many questions", said Michel. "The appointment with the case manager, who came to see me at home, was perfect timing. Together, we reviewed my opportunities for returning to work".

Legal information, administrative steps, monitoring of the procedure, coordination with different stakeholders (company management, AI/IV services, insurer, etc.): this was the task of David, case manager in Groupe Mutuel. “He shaped my professional future and was a facilitator, ensuring the link between different partners. I had never heard of case management before. Yet, I can assure you that this approach is efficient and very useful”. This goes well beyond the preconceived notion that case managers are merely inspectors in charge of sending the insured person back to work at all costs and as quickly as possible.

Preparing for returning to work
The company decided to keep its former operating theatre nurse, entrusting him with a new administrative task, in quality control. Experience and knowledge of surgical procedures were useful for this conversion. The AI/IV disability insurance supported the return to work in terms of training in addition to providing financial support. Clearly, this employee would have preferred to spend the rest of his career in the operating room. But the important thing for him was to stay in touch with the working world and with his colleagues at the clinic.

Commitment of the parties
The case manager's commitment was beneficial for Michel, allowing him to get back onto his feet again. CIC’s Finance Manager, shares this point of view, but says: “for this approach to be successful, the commitment and good will of all parties – the employee, the employer and the insurer. If these conditions are met, I can only recommend the case management approach”.

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