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05 December 2023 | Comment(s) |

Matthias Vauthier

In today's fast-paced workplace, marked by constant change and unprecedented challenges, it is particularly important for companies to be able to offer optimal working conditions and ensure that their employees remain healthy and motivated.

By ensuring a pleasant working environment, organisations can establish themselves as socially responsible players. Employees’ physical and mental health is also becoming a strategic lever for maintaining performance, encouraging innovation and ensuring a company's long-term future. By focusing on well-being at work, these organisations can develop a sustainable competitive advantage, making it possible to attract and retain the best talent, while actively contributing to shaping a more balanced working society.

Groupe Mutuel was awarded the “Friendly Work Space” label

Groupe Mutuel was recently awarded the "Friendly Work Space" label by Health Promotion Switzerland. This is a significant recognition of the company's efforts in terms of fostering well-being at work and demonstrates its ongoing commitment to its employees to improve their overall well-being and working conditions.

A comprehensive and recognised label

This label includes six criteria of quality for corporate health management (CHM), which are supported by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

  1. Corporate health management and company policy: Integration of CHM into existing management systems and perception of CHM as a managerial responsibility.
  2. Aspects of personnel management and work organisation: Creating work structures and organising tasks in a way that encourages personal development and health.
  3. Corporate health management planning: Implementation of a CHM concept, continuous monitoring, analysis and improvement.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: Role in relation to stakeholders and the environment, resource management.
  5. Implementation of corporate health management: Measures that enable work to be structured in a way that is conducive to health, as well as measures to support health-promoting behaviour.
  6. Evaluating health management in the workplace: Measuring the effectiveness of CHM using indicators.  

How can this label be obtained?

The process for obtaining this label is rigorous, with detailed assessments of various aspects of the working environment. This certification is therefore a reflection of the identity of the company that obtains it. A positive corporate culture, employee benefits, home office opportunities, actions to promote health, safety management and efforts to reduce stress were all factors acknowledged when it came to rewarding Groupe Mutuel with this universal label, which has now been awarded to around 100 companies in Switzerland.

During its interviews, Health Promotion Switzerland meets with many different professions to involve them in its assessment. In the case of Groupe Mutuel, this certification is an opportunity to highlight its corporate culture. Awarded for three years, the label is then an opportunity for each certified company to continue its efforts with a view to offering ideal working conditions.

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