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You can find below the most frequent questions and answers relating to refunds of your medical invoices.
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Document request

This document is not sent out systematically. It is only forwarded to persons who ask us for it. To receive a copy, you can submit your request online by using our contact form. You will then receive it each year automatically.

Yes, we can do so.  However, we would be grateful if you could let us know the treatment dates and the name of the service providers consulted. You can submit your request online by using our contact form.

Your healthcare provider may have agreed with your insurer to submit invoices based on the “third-party payer” system (the insurer pays the bill and then charges the co-insurance amount to the insured member). Your healthcare provider must send you a copy of the invoice. If not, you can ask for a duplicate. Under the “third-party guarantor” system (the insured person pays the invoice and obtains subsequent reimbursement by the health insurer), the invoice is sent directly to the insured person.

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