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Medication and check-ups

As with other laboratory tests, Coronavirus screening tests are covered by insurance, less the deductible and co-insurance amounts, if they have been prescribed by an approved doctor. 

According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the priority is to wash your hands thoroughly. Therefore, hand disinfectant gel is not refunded as a means of prevention.

Please send us the prescription from your doctor and the sales receipt from the pharmacy. Please also mark clearly:
- your name and first name;
- your date of birth;
- your insurance number.
Send the documents either by post to: Groupe Mutuel, Rue des Cèdres 5, P.O. Box, 1919 Martigny or by email to:

To make your life easier, you can also send your invoices from the GMnet platform.
Once we receive the documents, we will check whether the prescribed medication can be refunded and will send you a statement showing our financial contribution.

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