Basic health insurance (AOS/OKP)

You can find below the most frequent questions and answers relating to refunds of your medical invoices.
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Basic health insurance (AOS/OKP)

Health insurers must refund the deceased person’s premium for the period which has not yet elapsed. This means from the day following the death up to the end of the month, as well as for any months paid in advance.

The consequences of being treated by a service provider other than your general practitioner depend on the special terms and conditions of your insurance.
- if you are insured for compulsory health insurance under the standard model, we will refund invoices from a specialist;
- if you are insured for basic insurance under another model, please contact us by phone on 0848 803 111.

Yes. If this was just an oversight, there will be no consequences on your refunds. However, if you repeatedly forget to contact the telemedicine partner, we reserve the right to transfer you to the ordinary basic health insurance (standard model)

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