Report an incapacity for work due to illness

Is your company insured with Groupe Mutuel for employees' sick leave? Report your employee's incapacity for work. If you are the employee affected by illlness, you may approach your company's human resources department.

Report your employee's sick leave

Download our employer's declaration form for incapacity for work due to illness in order to assert your right to benefits.


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Your incapacity for work should be reported immediately to your line manager or to your human resources department.

Your overall situation remains unchanged, but you must:

  • Inform your loss of income insurer directly about your incapacity for work (it is no longer your employer’s responsibility).
  • Inform the insurer of any change in your personal circumstances (unemployment, new employer, disability, change of address, of income, etc.).
  • If you are unable to work due to incapacity, your collective insurance coverage and entitlement to benefits come to an end.
  • In the event of an ongoing incapacity for work, your coverage will depend on the specific aspects of your group contract.
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