Example of an intervention in a care facility

Care facility (approx. 250 employees) insured with Groupe Mutuel for daily allowance in case of illness and for accidents.

The management of this institution requested our support in analysing and reducing staff absenteeism.

Our diagnosis

  1. The absence rate was 15% higher than the industry average (Benchmarking).
  2. The CorporateCare review revealed that a significant proportion of absences were due to psychological complaints.
  3. Successive reorganizations had led to a loss of bearings and insecurity among staff.

Implementation of the CorporateCare programme

  1. For each case announced, proactive monitoring and intervention by the appropriate specialist, as required (level 1)
  2. Intervention on employee motivation and corporate culture (level 2)
  3. Accountability of staff for the consequences and costs of absence (level 2)
  4. At the same time, the Management decided to strengthen management structures

Results after one year

  1. The atmosphere was noticeably more relaxed and employees more serene
  2. Reduction of the absence rate by 30% after one year
  3. Premium level maintained despite very high claims expenses in 2012

On this healthier basis, we were able to move on to the next challenge: the prevention of non-occupational accidents (level 3)


Discover how the duration of employee incapacity for work was reduced by more than 40% thanks to our intervention in this establishment of 400 staff.

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