Example of an intervention in a hotel establishment

Hotel establishment (approx. 400 employees) insured with Groupe Mutuel for daily allowance in case of illness and for accidents.

Groupe Mutuel alerted this establishment to the increase in the length of cases of incapacity for work. The management then requested our support to analyse the causes of staff absence in a comprehensive manner.

Our diagnosis

  1. The absence rate was 60% higher than the industry average (Benchmarking).
  2. The CorporateCare review revealed that a significant proportion of absences are due to musculoskeletal disorders. They have an unusually long average duration for this canton.
  3. The economic context and the high staff turnover (40% turnover) lead to an overload of work. 

Implementation of the CorporateCare programme

  1. Ongoing coordination for all absences of more than one month and intervention of our specialists (level 1)
  2. Improvement of the recruitment process and upstream management of redundancies (level 2)
  3. Training on performance-enhancing management styles (level 2)
  4. Intervention with employees on the theme of "occupational health" (level 3)

Results after one year

  1. The specific reasons of absences were identified and corrected
  2. The average duration of work incapacities decreased sharply (44%)
  3. After two years, illness-related costs decreased by 47%

On this healthier basis, we were able to move on to the next challenge: the prevention of non-occupational accidents (level 3)


Discover how our intervention in this establishment of 250 staff made it possible to reduce the employee absentee rate by 30% in just one year!

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