Download a referral voucher

If you have basic health insurance with a family doctor or a healthcare network, your doctor must issue a referral voucher before referring you to a specialist.

Download a referral voucher

Is your general practitioner sending you to see a specialist? Download the referral voucher that the GP must fill in for your consultation to be covered.

Family doctor models

Find answers to your questions about simplifying our basic family doctor health insurance models.

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Frequently asked questions

You are not required to consult your general practitioner beforehand in certain specific cases (e.g. for consultations with a gynaecologist, eye specialist, etc.).
You will find all the necessary information in your special terms and conditions of insurance.

No, specialists do not need to be on a list of approved doctors. However, depending on your alternative insurance model, your general practitioner, our telemedicine partner or your partner pharmacy must make the decision to refer you to a specialist. In these cases, a referral voucher must be sent to us.

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