Report an accident WITHOUT incapacity for work

Have you been the victim of an accident but you are still able to work? If you have accident coverage with Groupe Mutuel through your employer's compulsory accident insurance (LAA/UVG), contact your company's human resources department or notify us of your accident.

Report an accident yourself

You can report your accident to us yourself by downloading the accident report form. We will contact your company's human resources department.


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Find the answers to your questions about LAA/UVG insurance in the corporate-specific section of our website.

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Frequently asked questions

You should immediately inform your line manager or your human resources department. They will then inform your insurer. Doing so quickly will prevent you being sent service provider invoices to your home.

LAA/UVG provides coverage amounting to double that provided in Switzerland in the same circumstances. If you travel to a European Union (EU) member country, make sure you take your European health insurance card, issued by your health insurance provider on request.

No, other than in the event of an emergency, the agreement signed between dentists and LAA/UVG insurers stipulates that the accident insurer will only cover the cost of treatment for which they have given their prior consent.

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