Benefits covered

Offer added value compared to other companies, thanks to an improved pension plan, and position yourself as an attractive employer for your staff.

Example of optimisation with a customised plan:

According to the LPP/BVG minimum
Optimised plan
Insured salary

Coordinated LPP/BVG salary:
CHF 62,475

AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 100,000

Retirement benefits

Minimum savings with statutory savings rates applied to LPP/BVG coordinated salary

  • Projected retirement lump-sum: CHF 401,936
  • Projected retirement pension: CHF 26,877

Higher savings rates applied to AVS/AHV salary:

  • Projected retirement lump-sum: CHF 565,878
  • Projected retirement pension: CHF 32,246


Up to three levels of savings rates for the employee to choose from to improve retirement benefits and increase repurchase opportunities


Supplementary plan to encourage early retirement

Disability benefits

Minimum disability pension:
CHF 22,084

40% of the AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 40,000

Minimum disabled person's child’s pension:
CHF 4,417

12% of the AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 12,000


Extension of the disabled person's child’s pension to age 20

Death benefits

Minimum spouse’s/common-law partner's pension:
CHF 13,250

24% of the AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 24,000

Minimum orphan’s pension:
CHF 4,417

12% of the AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 12,000


Extension of the orphan's pension to age 20

Lump-sum in the event of death CHF 0

100% of the AVS/AHV salary:
CHF 100,000

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