A snowshoe hike is good for the mind and the body

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Matthias Vauthier

A snowshoe hike is the opportunity to discover winter landscapes from a different angle, to get away from everyday life and, why not, to imagine yourself walking through a snow-covered forest in Lapland. In any case, snowshoeing is good for the mind and the body. Are you ready to follow the guide?

Immerse yourself in nature while ensuring your safety

Snowshoeing is an outdoor activity, where hikers can make their own trail. Of course, it is recommended to stick to the official itineraries. In winter, wildlife has its own habits in these untouched spaces, and you're likely to spot wild animals from a distance. But it's best not to disturb them, as their energy reserves are lower at this time of year. Be careful and don't forget that you are the visitor! It's also for your own safety that it's best to prepare your hike and follow an itinerary agreed in advance. The weather is more unpredictable during the winter months, the days are shorter, and snow build-up can change the topography. But if you are well-informed, all of this is part of the experience. The landscapes change as you walk, and your mind is gradually set free in pristine and snow-covered spaces, while the wind blows away your worries.

Our tips for a successful hike

There are many snowshoeing routes, most of which are signposted. On the swisstopo app you can select "snowsports" and find all these safe routes. As well as preparing for your hike, other tips in our summer blog will help you make the most of your outing. Provided, of course, that you don't forget your gloves, a fleece and a thermos of hot tea. And don't forget that you'll need to follow the pink signs, not the yellow ones that signal classic hiking trails. As for snowshoes themselves, there are some recent, robust models that will be worth your while in no more than a couple of outings. Alternatively, if you'd like to get a free taste of the cold in our regions on an occasional basis, you can hire snowshoes from regional tourist offices and specialist shops.

Itineraries to suit all tastes

The Switzerland Tourism website has lots of ideas for your next snowshoe hikes. There's something for everyone, from long and challenging day-long outings to fun family outings with your children! And don't forget that when the sleet reaches the plains and the pavements are covered in a blanket of white snow, your snowshoes will ensure that you get around with peace of mind, even in town, like a trapper in the Great North.

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