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Tanya Lathion

Some of us started reading as soon as lockdown began. Others waited until they had devoured the whole of Netflix and had nothing left but previously recorded films to pass the time. Reading has won back the hearts of many people during the pandemic. At the same time, thanks to the crisis, we have rediscovered short trips, and many of us will be taking advantage of the summer holidays to rediscover our beautiful country. Books are a link between home and the outside world and show us the way to the most beautiful locations. Let’s go!

A thriller in the heart of the mountains

Inspector Auer leads us from crime to punishment in the heart of the mountains of the Vaud Canton. The trilogy by Swiss-Swedish author Marc Voltenaueur has nothing to envy the greatest Nordic thrillers. Once you've immersed yourself in this story, you will not be able close the book until the last page. Why not extend the pleasure by visiting the actual location? For the fans of the trilogy, the Gryon Tourist Office has designed a historical walk that will allow you to discover the village in the plot. Those looking for a more challenging hike can go further and visit the great Diablerets massif.

  • Le Dragon du Muveran, Marc Voltenauer (Plaisir de Lire, 2015)
  • Qui a tué Heidi?, Marc Voltenauer (Slatkine & Cie, 2017)
  • L'aigle de sang, Marc Voltenauer (Slatkine & Cie, 2019)

Revisit your classics in an idyllic setting

Heidi has been with us forever. Whether adapted for TV, film or cartoon, the Heidi novel has never lost any of its original appeal. The story was born in the heart of the canton of Graubünden, in the heights of Maienfeld. Since then, the region has nurtured its links with this mythical story . The Heidi Trail offers a walk suitable for all ages, crossing the mountain pastures to reach the high points of the tale. The grandfather's house and Peter's sheep pen provide an enchanting backdrop to the breath-taking landscapes of Graubünden.

  • Heidi, Johanna Spyri (1880)
  • Heidi grows up, Charles Tritten (1936)
  • Au pays de Heidi, Charles Tritten (1938)
  • Heidi’s children, Charles Tritten (1939)
  • Heidi grand-mère, Charles Tritten (1941)

Searching for clues in the Oberland region

Elementary begins with Arthur Conan Doyle and his epic fictional character Sherlock Holmes. The adventures of the detective and his faithful friend Watson will take them as far as Meiringen, a Bernese village that is home to the Aare Gorge and the Reichenbach Falls. It was in these falls that the British author had Sherlock die before resurrecting him, a few years later, under pressure from his fans. Visiting this region makes it easy to understand why it was such an inspiration to the writer. Between the spectacular and the picturesque, the walk alternates between retro funiculars, waterfalls, gorges and meringues. Getting away, exercising and enjoying yourself… Elementary, my dear Watson.

  • The Final Problem, Arthur Conan Doyle (1893)

Meet the little devils of the Derborence valley

The Valais side of the Diablerets massif takes pride of its place in Ramuz's classic novel Derborence. Featuring Antoine, Séraphin and Thérèse, this great literary work recounts the legends that have given their name to the massif and its rock formation, "la Quille du Diable" (the Devil's Skittle). The work is a reflection of its setting: poetic, intriguing and dazzling. Take the time to appreciate each sentence as you would each step.

The Derborence walk is a treat for all mountain lake lovers. It's also a classic trail that would be a shame to miss out on. Immersed in Ramuz’s novel, we can feel and sense all the magic that emanates from these places.

  • Derborence, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz (1934)

Do you know of any other places in Switzerland that have inspired writers?

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