The difference between a deductible and co-payments

Insured persons must contribute to the costs of their treatment and care. This contribution is the same for all health insurance companies. It is made up of the deductible and the co-payment.

What is the deductible – and what is the co-payment?

The deductible is the fixed amount per year that policyholders pay themselves.

Until the deductible is reached, policyholders pay their own healthcare costs. If this amount is exceeded, 90% of the costs are covered by the insurance provider.

The remaining 10% is the co-payment, which must be paid by policyholders themselves.

How to choose the deductible

You choose the amount of the deductible based on your needs.
If your healthcare costs are higher than CHF 1'500 per year, it is best to choose the lowest deductible (CHF 300).

Do your healthcare costs tend to be low? Then it is cheaper to opt for the maximum deductible (CHF 2'500). This gives you a considerable premium discount.

How can you change your deductible?

You can easily change your deductible online or in the Customer Area.
Important: You can only change your deductible at the beginning of a calendar year.

Change your deductible


You choose a deductible of CHF 300. This means: You pay all healthcare costs (doctor’s visits, medication, etc.) up to CHF 300 yourself.

You have reached the CHF 300 threshold and visit a doctor again: Now the insurance provider pays 90% of the costs and you only pay the co-payment of 10%. For example, if the bill is CHF 150, your insurance provider pays CHF 135 (90%), and you pay CHF 15 (10% co-payment).

Maximum deductible

The maximum annual deductible is set by law at CHF 700 for adults. The maximum deductible for children is CHF 350 per year per child (maximum CHF 1,000 per year in total for all children in a family).

Any questions? We will be happy to help

We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the most suitable deductible for your particular situation.

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