Global flex

The flexible combined solution

Choice of hospital ward upon admission, access to supplemental healthcare and prevention benefits: Global flex offers unparalleled flexibility at a most competitive premium rate. Opt for flexibility.


  • Upon admission to hospital, I choose the degree of comfort with the basic module "Hospiflex".
  • I participate financially if I choose a semi-private or private ward.
  • I can extend my healthcare and prevention coverage with the option "Careflex".
  • I am covered for illness and accident benefits (maternity excluded).
  • This insurance is open to persons under 55 years.

Main benefits

"Hospiflex" basic module


  • General ward

  • No financial contribution required

  • Semi-private ward (room with two beds)
    Free choice of specialist

  • Your contribution:
    CHF 400/day, max. CHF 4,000/year

  • Private ward (room with one bed)
    Free choice of specialist

  • Your contribution:
    CHF 600/day, max. CHF 5,000/year

"Careflex" option


  • Medically prescribed drugs not covered by the basic health insurance

  • 90% for a deductible of CHF 150.-/year


  • Cost of frames, lenses or contact lenses

  • CHF 150.-/every three years for a deductible of Fr. 150.-/year


  • Therapies carried out by a qualified Swiss doctor or a recognised practitioner

  • 90% for a deductible of CHF 150.-/year


  • Fitness centres

  • 50%, max. CHF 200/year
    90%, max. one every three years

  • Flexibility: I am free to choose my degree of comfort in hospital and my specialist for each surgery.
  • Protection: with the option "Careflex", my coverage also includes outpatient treatments and health prevention measures.
  • Savings: I benefit from attractive rates.

Request advice

Do you have any questions about Global flex supplemental insurance? Our insurance advisers are available to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

If you only have basic insurance, you can be admitted to the clinic providing you stay in a general ward and that the hospital is listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41, para. 1bis LAMal/KVG).
If not, you must have supplemental insurance to cover the costs of a semi-private or private room.

Your basic insurance covers standard hospital care in the general ward of a hospital listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41, para. 1bis LAMal/KVG).

Please contact our services to check whether the therapist and treatment are approved by Groupe Mutuel and that your supplemental insurance coverage is intended for this purpose.

Before any cure, your doctor must send us a request for coverage, mentioning the name of the spa facilities so that we may check whether they are recognised.

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