Digital and Internet legal protection

Has your email account been hacked or have you been scammed online? How do you get your identity or money back? Legisdigit@ is a legal protection against cyber risks such as piracy and phishing. It provides you with IT assistance and covers your legal and defence costs.

  • I am covered for disputes relating to
    - an online purchase or sale
    - identity theft on the Internet and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    - the theft of my bank or postal data by skimming
  • I benefit from legal defence and technical assistance provided by the insurer or by external service providers.
  • Coverage is valid worldwide.
Main areas and insured benefits

Areas covered

  • Benefits provided by the insurer

Benefits provided by the insurer

  • Prevention
  • Telephone assistance and advice from specialists and lawyers of Dextra Protection juridique SA in terms of rights, obligations and preventive and protection measures
  • Legal defence
  • Costs of defence provided by the lawyers and attorneys of Dextra Protection juridique SA

External services: payment of costs

  • Technical assistance
  • Costs of expert services (e.g. to retrieve or delete an email account or profile) in the event of identity theft on the Internet
  • Defence in court in civil or criminal proceedings
  • Costs for the defence of your interests by lawyers and jurists who are members of a worldwide network of partners (lawyers, expert opinions, legal and court costs)

Benefits limit

  • Internal benefits
  • Unlimited coverage
  • External benefits
  • CHF 10,000/case

Monthly premium

  • For adults and children
  • CHF 6.00/month
    CHF 5.00/month, if combined with Legispriva or Legisduo
  • For children under 12 years of age and living in common household with the insured adult
  • Free

How do I report a legal protection claim?

  • Report your claim to our claims management partner, Dextra Protection juridique SA
  • Report a claim
  • Peace of mind: I browse, manage my accounts on social networks and carry out my transactions on the Internet with complete peace of mind. I know that I can get help in case of a problem.
  • Prevention: IT specialists advise me on the steps to take to protect my identity on the Web. To begin with, I apply a number of recommendations to avoid the pitfalls on the Internet.
Calculate your insurance premium online
  • Our online offers system allows you to rapidly calculate your premium, without any obligation on your part. If you accept the offer, simply print it out and send us the proposal form duly signed.

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