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Health specialists nearby

Are you looking for a doctor in your neighbourhood, for you or your family? Do you wish to see the list of general practitioners in your area? We have created Health Managed Care, a system that identifies the best health specialists.  This allows us to offer the most appropriate medical solutions at a lower cost.

Coverage of the costs of doctors and specialists in accordance with the law

See general information on the coverage of medical invoices, under the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG), the unified rates system (TARMed), as well as information on cost-sharing:

Discover OptiMed, the medical provider network, and benefit from attractive premiums.

  • Choose your general practitioner in the OptiMed list (no list required for children)
  • Consult your general practitioner first
  • Your doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist
  • Attractive premium rate when choosing a doctor on the OptiMed list

Useful documents:

Discover also our alternative health insurance model that value the relationship of trust you have built with your doctor (PrimaCare) and benefit from attractive rates.

PrimaCare: choose your family doctor

  • Free choice of general practitioner (no list of doctors for this model)
  • Consult your general practitioner first
  • Your family doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist
  • Attractive premium rate

Please note that you are not required to consult your general practitioner first in case of emergencies, as well as for eye, dental, paediatric, gynaecological and pregnancy and childbirth related check-ups and treatments. Exceptions are also made for the follow-up of chronic illnesses, which are subject to a single certificate signed by a doctor.

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