Pharmacies and medicines

Health professionals to assist you

Pharmacists assist you with purchasing medication. Since you are insured with Groupe Mutuel, you can benefit from preferential rates and reduce your financial contribution when buying medication.


Medicines can be supplied over the counter, on specialised advice or upon prescription only depending on the category to which they belong, as determined by Swissmedic.

Currently, the categories of medicines are as follows:

  • Available upon prescription only, in pharmacies.
  • Available on specialised advice, in pharmacies or drugstores.
  • Available over the counter.

When buying your medication in a pharmacy, please do not forget to show your insurance card.

Information on medicines:

Generic drugs

A generic drug has the same active ingredient as an original drug and is less expensive.
If there is no counter-indication in the treatment of your illness, do not hesitate to choose a generic drug to reduce the costs of your treatment.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a prescription for generic drugs. 

Are you looking for a generic drug? Use the platform 

Pharmacy or drugstore?

Drugs delivered on specialised advice only are available in pharmacies and drugstores.
Prescription drugs are available only in pharmacies.

Please note that drugstores are not recognised healthcare providers under the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). Therefore, medication purchased in drugstores cannot be reimbursed under the compulsory health insurance (AOS/OKP).

Partner pharmacies

Groupe Mutuel and its partner pharmacies offer an alternative model to the basic health insurance, which combines advice from your pharmacist with savings on your premiums.  Thanks to PrimaFlex, you benefit from the advice of a healthcare professional who knows you well, without having to wait for an appointment.


Vaccinations are medical measures to prevent illnesses. Some are covered by basic health insurance, others by a supplemental insurance. Vaccinating a child against hepatitis B or receiving compulsory preventive vaccinations for a trip abroad protects you from the risk of disease.  

Information on vaccines and vaccination:

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