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From the Groupe Mutuel app or via the online portal, manage your health insurance easily, whenever and wherever you want.

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How do I create an account?

  • Download the app
  • Complete the form
  • Scan your ID document and take a selfie
  • Receive a temporary password via SMS text message and choose a new password
  • Complete the registration form
  • Scan the QR code on the screen with your phone (not necessary if you are using your smartphone)
  • Scan your ID document and take a selfie
  • Enter the temporary password received via SMS text message and choose a new password

Make your life easier with the Customer Area!

Medical invoices

  • Scan and send your invoices without delay
  • Monitor the status of your reimbursements at all times
  • Track your deductible and co-insurance status in real time

Contracts and Other documents

  • Find all your admin documents in one place
  • Update your contracts and personal info yourself
  • Keep your insurance card at hand on your application
  • Find the telemedicine number for your insurance model easily

Digital services

  • Assess your symptoms quickly with Ada
  • Free access to the Premium version of Pregnancy+
  • Compassana, the perfect tool to help you manage your health

Invoices and payment reminders: in digital or paper format, you can choose!

  • Once you have created your account, your invoices for premiums and contributions, as well as your payment reminders, will be directly available in your Customer Area under "My invoices".
  • A notification will be sent to you by email or on your smartphone.
  • If you also wish to receive your invoices by post, you can simply activate this option in “Receiving invoices” in “Account and settings”.

Useful and practical digital services



The symptom checker to assess your symptoms

Ada helps you to better understand your symptoms and decide on the next steps by following a medical procedure.

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Free access to the Premium version of the application

As an insured person, you can use free of charge the premium version of Pregnancy+, the most widely used pregnancy monitoring app in Switzerland. It gives you access to video courses, interactive tools and more information on pregnancy and childbirth.

Read more


A new tool to help you manage your health

Whether you have a medical problem or simply want to organise your health better, Compassana is the perfect tool to help you manage your health journey.

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How do I make changes to my insurance contract?

From the homepage of your application, you can access your contract and update your deductible and/or insurance model easily.

How do I find my admin documents?

Go to the “Documents” tab in your application and use the filters and categories to find your admin documents easily.

Groupe Mutuel YouTube channel

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"Thanks to the Customer Area app, I can access my family's information easily and I can view my contracts at all times. At the pharmacy, it's really handy to have all the family's insurance cards directly on my phone. For children, a copy of their insurance card can even be sent via WhatsApp. “

Tiago Miguel Luis
Tiago Miguel Luis

“Thanks to the Customer Area mobile app, I can send my invoices and check the status of my reimbursements at any time. This feature is really easy to use and convenient.”


“I use the Customer Area app every day on my mobile phone. It’s really useful for checking whether I've received a notification from Groupe Mutuel.

I can also find information about my health insurance at a glance that I don't know off by heart, such as my insurance coverage, and I can even view my insurance card.”


"With the Customer Area, everything goes so much faster. I no longer need to send anything by post to Groupe Mutuel, I save on postage costs and I can simply scan the invoices and send them. I can also see the status of my invoices online. If payment has been made, a tick appears behind it. All in all, I can say that my paperwork has become a lot easier thanks to the Customer Area!"

Experience the best customer app!

According to the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (ISTQ), we are pleased to offer the best customer application in the health insurance market in 2023.


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