Health programmes and information

Good information to keep you in good shape

Would you like to receive general information about the world of health? Are you planning on following a personalised diet to stay in shape? Are sporting challenges a part of your way of life? Find a summary of the health programmes and information here: Groupe Mutuel Mag, Team Groupe Mutuel and our various themed blogs.

The magazine for insured members
Groupe Mutuel Mag

Four times a year, the Groupe Mutuel Mag looks at trends and examines basic issues in the health sector. From prevention and practical cases to the latest innovations in health insurance.

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General health information

The Groupe Mutuel blogs keep you informed, because getting the right information at the right time is essential. The numerous themes give an overview of the health world and are full of indispensable information.

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The team for all challenges
Team Groupe Mutuel

Are you a sporty person who wants to tackle new challenges? If so, Team Groupe Mutuel is perfect for you! Discover the exclusive programme put together for the participants by Groupe Mutuel and try to push your limits by joining the Team.

Groupe Mutuel

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