Arrange house and pet sitters in the event of an accident

You have to go into hospital following an accident. Who is going to look after your pets and home during your absence? When you go away for a few days, you generally ask a friend or neighbour to water your plants and feed your cat. But in an emergency, it may be difficult to find someone who can call in on your four-legged friends and feed them.

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Supplemental insurance allows you to cover your needs when they are not or only partially covered by the basic health insurance. Discover our range of supplemental insurance solutions and find the coverage that suits your lifestyle.


Call in an outside service-provider and let them handle everything.

Our ActiVita insurance solution includes “house-sitting” cover. If you have to go into hospital following an accident, ActiVita calls in a service-provider, who will, for example:

  • check your fridge
  • pick up your mail and have it delivered to you in hospital
  • look after and feed your pets
  • water the plants
  • air the bedrooms    

You can then focus on getting better with peace of mind. Discover ActiVita and its exclusive coverage in the event of an accident.


House-sitting service in the event of hospitalisation due to an accident

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