Real life

is about freedom of choice

What does it mean to be a woman today? At Groupe Mutuel, we believe that being a woman means leading your life as you wish, according to your choices and convictions, but also according to the realities of life. Health, pension provision, family: we help women to meet all the challenges of their daily lives. Real life challenges.

Real life is about covering the costs of breast cancer screening

Breast cancer affects one in eight women. It is essential to detect tumours at an early stage. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery. To obtain advice, persons insured with PrimaFlex first call our telemedicine partner free of charge, who will direct them to the appropriate solutions. If necessary, PrimaFlex will pay for screening examinations such as breast MRI, mammograms and breast ultrasound, free of charge.

Real life is about covering the costs of contraception

Contraceptive pills, implants, hormonal patches, IUDs: there are many methods of contraception for women, and they are often expensive. “Premium” insurance covers up to 90% of the costs of contraceptive measures prescribed by a doctor. Because women should be able to plan their lives and their families as they wish.

Real life is about having a good plan for your retirement

Are you working part-time, have you put your professional career on hold to raise your children, or have you just got divorced? These bold choices are part of life. But too often we don't realise that they create gaps in women's savings and pension provision. To fill these gaps, we have designed VariaInvest, a third pillar solution that allows women to save according to their possibilities and their life situation, in order to plan for their retirement.

Our advisers will guide you in your choices

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We protect women and their families.

Having a family means having major responsibilities.
At Groupe Mutuel, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to reconcile private and professional commitments.
More than ever, we help women to protect their loved ones.

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