Outpatient treatment

Providers at your side for your medical treatments

Outpatient treatments are generally partially covered by the compulsory health Insurance, according to the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). However, part of the costs remain payable by the insured person depending on the type of benefits. For example, medically necessary transportation is reimbursed by 50%, up to CHF 500 per year.

Refund of your outpatient treatment

Although provided for in the LAMal/KVG, outpatient treatments are not covered in full. The insured person contributes to the costs of his treatments. To obtain a refund, it is necessary to call upon an approved healthcare provider.

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Medical tests

Medical laboratories are competent to carry out a blood test or collect or take a sample. Test results are used to detect illnesses and make a diagnosis in order to decide on the appropriate medical treatment.

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Home care

It is sometimes essential to receive medical care at home. Whether for temporary or recurring situations, home help services provide specific assistance depending on your needs.

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Home help services

For medical reasons, you can no longer do your daily housework. In temporary or long-term situations, you may call upon our home help services.

Characteristics of our products including home help services:

- Benefits can be covered by the relevant supplemental insurance
- Prior request with a medical prescription as well as the expected duration
- Services provided by an authorised organisation (e.g. Spitex)
- Daily household chores in the place of the insured person
- No large-scale cleaning tasks

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Nursing care

Do you need help with dressing a wound? Or for taking medication? If prescribed medically, outreach nurses can attend to your needs and deliver high-quality care in order to improve your medical condition.

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Poor health may prevent you from taking your car or public transport to go to the doctor’s. In this case, you may have to use medically necessary transportation.

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Rescue operations

Are you in danger? There is not a second to lose before rescue operations begin! Whether you need to be rescued in a restricted mountain area or have a diving accident, every minute counts.

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