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Do you wish to see a psychotherapist or a dietitian? Before undergoing treatment, make sure that the costs are reimbursed by the compulsory health insurance (AOS/OKP).


In the event of a mental disorder or illness, it may be necessary to call upon a psychologist or psychotherapist. Therapeutic treatment with a specialist can alleviate your psychological suffering and help you regain a balanced lifestyle.

Groupe Mutuel recognises psychotherapists/psychologists who are members of the following associations:

Whether your treatment by a psychologist is covered depends on your supplemental insurance. Basic health insurance only covers psychotherapy if it is requested by your doctor and provided by a doctor.

Fill in the form below. We will assess your coverage and confirm whether the treatment can be covered as soon as possible:


Chiropractic treatment looks after functional disorders and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, pelvis and joints.  It helps relieve tension and pain from your body through a natural medical procedure.

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It is sometimes essential to follow a diet or rebalance your diet in order to fight an illness. As a nutritionist specialist, the dietitian provides nutritional advice that helps improve your general health.

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Language therapists/speech therapists

Language disorder? Trouble speaking? Problems with the comprehension of written or spoken language can result in complications. Therapeutic support by a speech therapist improves your language perception and communication skills.

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Physiotherapy is a set of natural treatments designed to recover physical movement and mobility. It helps restore your physical integrity after illness or accident or in the event of disability.

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Occupational therapists

Because of illness, trauma or a simple deficiency, it can be difficult to perform daily movements. The occupational therapist helps you implement specific activities aimed at regaining your autonomy.

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Alternative medicine

Would you like to make use of alternative methods and natural medicine for your treatment? Find out about the terms and conditions for reimbursement and available benefits on our page concerning alternative medicine.

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