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Consultations with a psychologist are not covered by your basic health insurance. However, you can take out supplemental insurance to bridge this gap. Groupe Mutuel recognises psychotherapists/psychologists who are members of the following associations:
• Fédération Suisse des Psychologues (FSP)
• Association Suisse des Psychothérapeutes (ASP)
• Association Professionnelle Suisse de Psychologie Appliquée (SBAP)

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Supplemental insurance enables you to be reimbursed for your alternative medicine treatments as well.

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Frequently asked questions

Compulsory health insurance (AOS/OKP) covers:

  • psychiatric treatment by a psychiatrist
  • delegated psychotherapy by a psychologist under the responsibility of a psychiatrist who issues the invoice

Some supplemental insurance plans cover:

  • psychotherapy carried out by an independent psychologist recognised by Groupe Mutuel. Fill in the request form and we will check your coverage.

As soon as your doctor has been recognised as a general practitioner or specialist, you can go directly to him/her, unless you are covered by an alternative insurance model that provides for different coverage, as per the terms and conditions of insurance.

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