General Terms and Conditions of use

  1. Purpose
    These general terms and conditions of use (CGU) apply to the website at the address and to all of the other websites of Groupe Mutuel, Association d’assureurs, Rue des Cèdres 5, 1919 Martigny, Switzerland (Groupe Mutuel). The protection of your personal information processed in relation to the websites is governed by the confidentiality policy (Confidentiality Policy) that can be found here
  2. Intellectual property
    The contents of Groupe Mutuel’s websites are the intellectual property of Groupe Mutuel, subject to the rights of third parties. You are not authorised to reproduce, in whole or in part, the contents of Groupe Mutuel’s websites, to modify or to use them for public or commercial purposes, unless expressly specified or provided for in the features of Groupe Mutuel's websites.
    Therefore, you are authorised to share certain contents of Groupe Mutuel’s websites on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or by email, to the extent that Groupe Mutuel’s websites contain buttons to this effect (social plug-ins). Groupe Mutuel recommends that you consult the Confidentiality Policy for any questions related to the protection of information associated with these features.
  3. Disclaimer of guarantee
    Groupe Mutuel seeks to ensure that the information published on the websites of Groupe Mutuel is reliable, correct and comprehensive. However, Groupe Mutuel does not guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness or suitability of the information for any purpose whatsoever and the information can be modified at any time, without notice. This information is made available for information purposes only and shall not be deemed to constitute insurance, legal or other advice that would engage Groupe Mutuel. We would advise that you obtain professional advice before taking any insurance-related decision.
  4. Liability disclaimer
    Unless otherwise provided by binding law, Groupe Mutuel as well as its members, directors, employees, subcontractors and auxiliary personnel do not accept any responsibility for your losses or damages of any kind whatsoever, in relation to accessing Groupe Mutuel's websites and using their contents.
  5. Third-party websites
    The websites of Groupe Mutuel may contain links to other websites that are monitored or made available by third-parties. Groupe Mutuel has not verified any of these websites and offers no guarantee with regards to the information or material made available on these websites. By linking a third-party website to its own websites, Groupe Mutuel shall not assume or accept any liability regarding the products or services offered via this website.
  6. Contact by email
    A number of Groupe Mutuel websites offer the possibility to contact Groupe Mutuel by email, using contact forms, or other means such as chat messages and telecommunication software. Since these technologies make use of Internet, a public network over which Groupe Mutuel has no control, these communications may be intercepted, altered or lost. Groupe Mutuel shall not accept any liability in this respect. Groupe Mutuel encourages you to consult the Confidentiality Policy for any questions related to the protection of data associated with these features.
  7. Language
    In the event of a contradiction between the different language versions of these CGU conditions, the Confidentiality Policy or any other legal documents on the websites of Groupe Mutuel, the French version shall prevail. For purposes of readability, only the masculine form is used in this website. However, this form designates both men and women.
  8. Applicable law and jurisdiction
    The CGU as well as the use of Groupe Mutuel’s websites are subject to substantive Swiss law, without giving effect to any principles of conflict of law, subject to binding law. Any dispute relating to Groupe Mutuel's websites or arising from their use will be subject to the exclusive competency of the relevant courts in Martigny, subject to a possible binding jurisdiction.
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