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Voice of the Customer
Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

You can find here the answers to our policyholders’ most frequently asked questions concerning the “Voice of the Customer” programme.
This programme for the continuous improvement of our services aims to let customers have their say. By sharing their opinions, interested customers can not only actively participate in improving existing processes and products, but also contribute to developing new products and services.

Voice of the Customer

To be able to sign up to the Voice of the Customer community, you must live in Switzerland, be a customer of Groupe Mutuel and be over 18 years of age. Groupe Mutuel employees are not eligible to join the community.

You can join the Voice of the Customer community by completing our registration form. In this form, you will be asked to provide information so that we can invite you to surveys, discussion groups or events conducted by Groupe Mutuel and its partners (see item 13 of the General Terms and Conditions of Use & Privacy Policy of the platforms - Groupe Mutuel). The period and procedure for signing up will be made known in various media of Groupe Mutuel as well as on the Internet.

The registration process can be completed in less than five minutes.

For reasons of confidentiality and data protection, policyholder information already available to Groupe Mutuel is not used or cross-referenced with information obtained as part of the "Voice of the Customer" programme. The only information that will be regularly crossed-checked is whether programme participants are insured with Groupe Mutuel.

Depending on the objective of the study, participants to the “Voice of the Customer” programme will be selected at random, according to specific criteria. They will then be contacted by phone or by email to participate in the study.

  • If you are selected, you will always be informed in the invitation of the context and type of survey (Internet questionnaire, interview, etc.), of the place of the study and its duration. 
  • Taking part in a study is always on a voluntary basis. You get to decide if and when you want to participate. 
  • Being part of the programme does not entitle you to participate in a study. Selection is made based on specific criteria.

Groupe Mutuel regularly conducts surveys, interviews and product testing. The frequency with which you will be invited to participate in a study depends on your profile and preferences and the research topics. However, Groupe Mutuel will not contact you more than eight times a year.

We guarantee that your answers will remain anonymous:

  • Your feedback will be summarised anonymously.
  • Your answers will be analysed and used only to deliver results and to decide what improvements and developments should be made to Groupe Mutuel's products and services.
  • If, for a particular study, your answers were not to be anonymised, you would be informed of this beforehand when being invited to participate in the study.

You can participate using all types of computers (PC and Mac) as well as mobile devices with Internet access (phones, tablets, etc.).
However, we recommend that you regularly update your browser to ensure that you can participate in the best possible conditions.

Personal interviews will be conducted in a location as close as possible to your home to make it easier for you to take part in the study.

The amount of the compensation will depend on the scope, type of study, time required and location. Compensation will be decided and communicated by Groupe Mutuel beforehand. For online surveys, we randomly draw a number of vouchers. For longer face-to-face interviews, you will be paid with vouchers. Groupe Mutuel purchases these vouchers from its partners active in various fields.

Your participation is on a voluntary basis. Participating in the “Voice of the Customer” programme is not compulsory and can be cancelled by one or the other parties at any time. You can unsubscribe by writing to voiceofcustomer@groupemutuel.ch. Your personal data will be deleted.

Who do you work with for the surveys? To support us in managing the community, organising and running surveys, we work with third party providers:

These companies are based in Switzerland. They fully comply with the legal requirements for data protection and thus offer all the necessary guarantees for information security.

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