Getting vaccinated for travel

Getting vaccinated: why, against what illness and how to obtain a refund?

Do you have the travel bug? Or are you visiting Thailand or Senegal for the first time? No matter how often you travel or where you are going: you need to protect yourself from certain viruses or illnesses if you travel to other latitudes.

Certain vaccinations are expressly required according to your country or region of destination. Yellow fever vaccine, for example, is mandatory in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. In other cases, vaccinations are recommended, such as hepatitis A in Cuba.

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Our advice

We advise you to enquire before your departure about:

  • entry requirements and the presence of illnesses in the country
  • medical travel advice (available on
  • your medical coverage, to find out if your insurance refunds vaccinations expenses and covers medical treatments abroad.

Among our supplemental insurance products, we recommend Mundo.


Supplemental insurance for travel abroad

Mundo covers medical expenses in the event of illness or accident abroad. In particular, it reimburses the vaccinations required according to official recommendations.

Other solutions for vaccination

Other supplemental insurance products also cover the costs of vaccination. Discover these coverages and choose the one you need.

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