“Dentaire plus-Kids” dental insurance

Orthodontic treatment insurance for children

“Dentaire plus-Kids” supplemental insurance is designed exclusively for children from 0 to 18 years. It covers their orthodontic treatment costs. Braces, rings, gutters, x-rays and repositioning of the jawbone will soon give them a smile.


  • The insurance covers 75% of the costs of the treatments and methods designed to correct the misalignment of my child's teeth and jaw.
  • For all other dental and prophylactic treatments, I can take out “Dentaire plus” insurance.
Benefits covered

Dento-facial orthopaedic treatment

  • 75% of costs,
    max. CHF 15,000/year

  • Payment: my child can benefit from expensive orthodontic treatment if necessary.
Request advice
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  • 0800 808 848 (freephone number)
    08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

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Frequently asked questions

Mainly dental accidents not covered by accident insurance and certain serious illnesses of the masticatory system as defined in Articles 17 to 19(a) of the Ordinance on Healthcare Insurance Benefits (OPAS/KLV). Terms of coverage are very restrictive.
In case of doubt, send us a treatment request completed by your dentist (detailed report, notification of injuries according to LAMal/KVG, cost estimate, X-rays, …).

No, not systematically. The costs of extracting wisdom teeth where there are no inflammatory complications or formation of a cyst or even an imminent pathological risk are not covered by the compulsory health insurance.

You can take out prenatal insurance for your unborn baby. This will allow you to choose your child's coverage during your pregnancy. Your advantages: you avoid filling out a medical questionnaire and your child will be insured as soon as he or she is born, regardless of his or her state of health. You will receive the gift "Sophie la Girafe" after the birth of your baby.
In addition, if you sign up to "Dentaire Plus 2" and "Mundo" supplemental insurance before your child's birth, you will benefit from free premiums during your child’s first three years.

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