GMapp, Groupe Mutuel’s mobile app

Manage your health insurance on your smartphone

An app to make your life easier

GMapp is the mobile application that enables you to access your customer area on your smartphone in a totally secure way. A number of features simplify your procedures and make it easier for you to access your information.

In 2021, GMapp received the award for the best app in the field of health insurance by the “Schweizer Institut für Qualitätstests”. This award further supports our efforts to digitalise our services. You too, join the community of users of our smartphone customer area and enjoy our services online.


Browse the key information of your contract, directly on your homepage.


Make requests online, track their status and receive a notification when we send you correspondence.


Send your invoices and documents with a simple capture and keep track of their status at all times.

Your customer area is also accessible on a computer or tablet thanks to the GMnet web portal

Register, download and activate the application
  • Download the GMapp application to your mobile phone by going to the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Open the GMapp application.
    If you already have a GMnet account, enter your GMnet user ID (email address and password). If you have not signed up to GMnet and that you wish to manage your data exclusively on your smartphone, create an account by completing the GMapp application form. You will shortly receive your GMapp username by email, followed by your password by separate mail.
  • Log in by entering your user ID. Then enter the code received by SMS on your mobile phone. When you next log on, simply enter your password. You can even use the same GMapp account on several mobile phones. Account sharing will make it easier to manage health insurance data for all family members.
  • Touch ID and Face ID: if your mobile phone is equipped with Touch ID or Face ID, you will also be able to log on to GMapp thanks to your fingerprint or facial recognition. You can change this option at any time, in the "Settings" tab of GMapp.
Useful to know

Once your access has been validated, all correspondence will be sent in electronic format only. Would you still like to receive your premium and statements of benefits in paper format? Activate the paper mail option directly in GMapp settings.

Do you need help?

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