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Groupe Mutuel does not work with external companies (call-centres) that carry out telemarketing calls. We are doing everything we can to try to stop these methods. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to reach the people behind these calls. If you receive these so-called "cold" calls, you send us the information you have, such as the telephone number of the callers or the name under which they present themselves. We will report the case to the competent penal authorities.

To prevent these inconveniences, you have two options:

  • Ask Swisscom to add the asterisk sign (*) next to your address. This sign, placed next to your address in the directory, indicates that you refuse business calls. If a call-centre tries to contact you, ask them for the name of the company that is the authorised representative and report it to consumer services. You can request to add the asterisk by calling 0848 86 80 80 86, or by internet by changing your entry in
  • Activate your operator's filter. If you are a Swisscom customer, you can activate the Callfilter. A significant portion of business calls will be blocked before they reach you.

For more information, you can consult the page dedicated to Telemarketing at

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