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Insurance products eligible for a transfer

Do you have one or more of the supplemental health insurance plans listed below? As these insurance products are no longer available for sale, you have the option of taking out other insurance coverage that is as equivalent as possible, without having to undergo a new health examination (Art. 156 of the Ordinance on the Supervision of Private Insurance Companies). If you have not yet made use of this option and have kept your current insurance, you may still exercise your right to transfer at any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers on +41 848 803 111 for any further information related to this coverage transfer proposal.

You will find below the terms and conditions of insurance, as well as comparative tables showing the main differences between the catalogue of benefits of your current insurance and those included in the equivalent coverage offered as part of a free transfer.

Hospitalisation insurance products
Supplemental care insurance products
Daily allowance products

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

You can find here the answers to our insured members’ most frequently asked questions. 

  1. What is a closed portfolio?
    A closed portfolio is an insurance product that is no longer offered for sale, so no new subscriptions are possible for this product.

    The aim is to ensure that insurance coverage is in line with policyholders' changing needs. Indeed, if the number of new customers for a supplemental health insurance product remains low for a certain period, the insurer must offer policyholders an equivalent solution wherever possible (Art.156 of the Ordinance on the Supervision of Private Insurance Undertakings (OS)). In such a case, policyholders may choose to maintain their current policy unchanged or to transfer to another insurance product and without a health questionnaire.
  2. Is the coverage offered as part of a free transfer identical to the one I already have?
    The coverage suggested is the one that is most similar to your current coverage. This does not rule out differences in benefits and coverage.

    A document setting out the main differences in coverage between your current insurance product and the product proposed for free transfer, as well as the terms and conditions of insurance, can be found on our website:
  3. What do I have to do to benefit from a free transfer of coverage?
    To take advantage of the free transfer to another insurance product, you can either fill in the reply coupon attached to the newsletter received when you closed your insurance, or contact our Customer Service on 0848 803 111, who will be happy to provide you with any further information.

    If you have opted for free transfer, the new insurance coverage will take effect on the 1st day of the month following your request.
  4. I wish to keep my insurance coverage. However, will I be able to take advantage of this offer in the future?
    Yes, there is no time limit. A request for free transfer can be submitted to us at any time.
  5. Will I be subject to a health questionnaire for the proposed equivalent product?
    No, you will not have to undergo a health examination. Your contract will continue automatically based on the terms and conditions and rates applicable to the free transfer insurance product. Any medical exclusions included in your current contract will be transferred to the new insurance coverage.
  6. Will the non-availability periods for hospitalisation or dental care, for example, apply again?
    No, if you choose a free transfer to the proposed product, your new coverage will not apply a non-availability period (in particular for cases of maternity and dental care).
  7. Why is the premium for the proposed product different from my current product?
    Premiums for an insurance product are calculated on the basis of the catalogue of benefits provided and the cost-effectiveness of the portfolio of insured persons who signed up to this insurance coverage.
  8. I wish to keep my current coverage. What should I do?
    No action on your part is required to continue your contract under the current conditions.
  9. Can I terminate my current insurance coverage?
    As such, the discontinuation of a product does not give rise to the right of exceptional termination.

Should you keep your current insurance product or opt for a similar one?

To help you in your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Services are available from 08.00 to 18.00, from Monday to Friday on 0848 803 111 (8 cts/min.) . You may also contact us by email.

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