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In the event of hospitalisation, in addition to the annual deductible and co-payment (the insured person’s contribution of 10% of the costs, less the amount of the deductible), the insured person pays a contribution of CHF 15/day towards the costs of hospitalisation. This amount is set by the Swiss Federal Council. Children as well as young adults in training (19-25 years) do not pay this contribution. This contribution is also not charged during hospital stays in the event of maternity. For more information, see our page “Understanding your statement of benefits.

You receive a new/rectified invoice in two cases: 
• A change has been made to your contract (suspension or reinstatement of the accident risk, change of address including a change of tariff zone, change or termination of one or several insurance branches).
• Your cantonal subsidy has been added, changed or cancelled.
New/rectified invoices always show the number and date of the cancelled invoice.

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