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Taking out the right insurance means finding the right balance between your needs in terms of benefits and your budget. At Groupe Mutuel, we offer a wide range of basic health insurance models and supplemental coverage. Compare and choose among several insurance models to make the most of your health without making any concessions. Discover, compare, find and take out insurance online, entirely by yourself.

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Basic health insurance is compulsory for everyone living in Switzerland. Its benefits are governed by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). So, whichever basic insurance you choose, you will be entitled to the same reimbursement conditions. What changes between the different basic insurance models are the way they operate and the amount of the premium.

  • When you choose a standard model: you are free to consult whoever you want, whenever you want.
  • When you choose an alternative model: you benefit from a premium discount in exchange for certain conditions of use, such as consulting a family doctor first or calling upon a telemedicine centre.
To pay less premiums or be reimbursed more quickly, you can also choose the amount of your deductible. Find out more about the standard health insurance model, or choose the alternative model that gives you the most convenience and saves you money, by comparing our basic health insurance plans:



  • I am free to choose the first point of contact in any situation (pharmacy, telemedicine, or family doctor).
  • Savings of up to 24%
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  • I call the telemedicine partner before taking any other step.
  • Savings of up to 20%
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  • I choose a general practitioner in the partner network list and always consult this doctor first.
  • Savings of up to 26%
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  • Upon admission, I am free to choose the doctor who I will consult first.
  • Savings of up to 23%
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  • I can contact the doctor of my choice in all medical matters.
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Find the best basic insurance

Are you wondering how to find the insurance best suited to your needs? Follow our advice to find the basic insurance model best suited to your life, and adjust the deductible amount to suit your budget.

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Compare combined supplemental health insurance

The Global range offers various comprehensive supplemental insurance options covering a wide range of needs. You have access to private or semi-private hospital comfort and numerous outpatient benefits (such as alternative medicine) in a single product. Compare our four formulas to find the one that corresponds to the benefits you need and enjoy the comfort of additional covearage to look after your health.



  • Hospitalisation in a general ward
  • Four levels of outpatient treatment benefits
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Global classic

Global classic

  • Hospitalisation in a general ward
  • Family discount
  • "Plus" option for prevention and alternative medicine
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Global flex

Global flex

  • Choice of hospital ward upon admission
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Global smart

Global smart

  • Three levels of healthcare and hospitalisation benefits
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Would you like to find out everything you need to know to safeguard your health?

Browse through our brochure and discover an overview of our offer and services. With Groupe Mutuel, you can manage your health simply and securely. Personalise your coverage yourself or ask for advice from a Groupe Mutuel specialist.


Frequently asked questions

The various basic health insurance plans all offer the same benefits, but their conditions of use are not the same. That's why it's important to compare them and understand how they work. When you choose to reduce your health insurance premiums by choosing an alternative model, you are also agreeing to follow certain rules. These may be more or less restrictive, depending on your preferences and habits.

  • For example, if you are used to going systematically to your family doctor in the event of a problem, a basic health insurance model of the "family doctor" type will enable you to make savings without changing your habits.
  • Do you have a pharmacy round the corner and value their advice? Then a pharmacy-based plan may be the best alternative for you, your needs and your preferences.

By comparing the different basic insurance models, you'll find the one that suits you best and allows you to manage your health with ease. Supplemental insurance, on the other hand, is as much about specific products as it is about different benefits. So it's a question of finding the coverage that suits your needs. By comparing the different supplemental insurance products, you'll find the one that suits you best and is most likely to be of use to you.

When you compare the different basic insurance models, look first and foremost for the right balance between the premium level and convenience. You can also adjust the level of the deductible to have an impact on the monthly premium. The most important thing is that the rules imposed by an alternative model suit you and don't require too much effort on your part.

On the other hand, when choosing a supplemental insurance plan, it's the benefits that come first. Here, you need to focus on the treatments that will be reimbursed and make sure that they correspond to your health needs. With combined insurance, you can also build up good extended coverage: you ensure access to your preferred treatments and benefit from the comfort of private or semi-private hospitals.

Choosing health insurance in Switzerland can seem complex because of the large number of insurers and models available. Here are a few steps to help you choose the right health insurance for your needs:

Assess your health habits and needs: Before choosing basic health insurance, it's important to know which model will be most convenient for you. Do you have a partner pharmacy down the road or a family doctor who has been treating you for many years? Or perhaps you're prepared to give up a premium discount for absolute freedom of choice? You can take a look at the various alternative insurance models and see which one offers you terms and conditions that suit your everyday life. When it comes to supplemental insurance, the most important thing is that it covers your needs. Assess the treatments and care you need on a regular basis, as well as the specific medical treatments and care you may need in the future.

Compare health insurance providers: Compare health insurers in terms of coverage, premiums and deductibles. Online health insurance comparators can help you make the comparison easier. You can also simulate your premiums and put together your coverage and that of the whole family, using our online calculator.

Take services into account: Online customer area, mobile app, personal adviser, etc. Health insurance providers offer different levels of service to their customers. Take a look at the options available to you when it comes to managing your insurance administration, and consider simplicity and customer service when making your choice.

Request advice: Don't hesitate to ask friends, colleagues or relatives for advice. They can share their experience with you and recommend a health insurance company. At Groupe Mutuel, we thank them with gift vouchers. Point them in direction of our referral programme so that they can take advantage of it.

Sign up to the health insurance: Once you've chosen a health insurance provider, ask for a non-binding insurance offer. You can do this with an insurance adviser, by phone or by making an appointment, but you may also create your offer by yourself, directly online.

Basic health insurance in Switzerland, also known as compulsory health insurance, covers the costs of basic healthcare, such as:

  • Consultations with general practitioners and specialists
  • Medicines prescribed by a doctor
  • Hospital treatment in a general ward
  • Some dental care in case of acute illness or accident
  • Therapies and medical treatments prescribed by a doctor
  • Emergency treatment in the event of illness or accident abroad, up to twice the cost of treatment in Switzerland.

However, basic health insurance does not cover all healthcare benefits, such as dental treatment unrelated to an acute illness or accident, cosmetic treatments, the cost of hospitalisation in a single room or alternative treatments not recognised by conventional medicine. In order to be insured for treatments not covered by basic health insurance, you can take out one or more supplemental insurance plans, depending on your needs.

These benefits are governed by the Swiss Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG), available on the Swiss Confederation website.

You can terminate your compulsory health insurance if you apply in writing, date and sign the letter and send it to us by registered post.

Termination requests can also be accepted as a signed fax or e-mail, as long as they contain a signed PDF document.

If the termination request concerns several insured persons, each insured person over the age of 18 must sign it. The notice period for receiving your termination is three months and one month after the new premiums have been announced. All requests must reach us at the latest by the last working day of the month concerned.

The date of acceptance of your termination will depend on your insurance model and deductible.

Your termination will be effective

  • upon receipt of a certificate from your new insurance provider
  • providing that all premiums and cost-sharing amounts due have been paid in full.

You are free to choose your health insurance provider, whether for basic or supplemental insurance. However, grouping your coverage with the same insurer will make it more convenient to manage your contracts.

At Groupe Mutuel, you can manage your insurance plans and those of your whole family from your Customer Area. The Customer Area is available on a computer or tablet, and even on your smartphone, thanks to the free application.

In your Customer Area, you can:

  • Check your contract at any time
  • Receive all your documents, such as statements and certificates
  • Scan your invoices (on the application, using your phone's camera) and send them directly to Groupe Mutuel
  • Monitor the status of your reimbursements
  • Receive your invoices
  • Monitor your deductible
  • Access your insurance card at any time, in digital format (only for basic insurance and on the app)
  • Access promotional offers from our many partners

This way, you can manage all your insurance plans quickly and easily, and for all contracts in your family. What's more, when you combine all your insurance plans with the same health insurance provider, you will benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact for any questions you may have.

For certain supplemental insurance plans, the transfer to Groupe Mutuel is made easier and the waiting period (when taking out a new contract) will be cancelled if you had the same coverage with another insurer. Contact us for more details and advice.

There are two ways to obtain personalised and specialist advice when choosing your insurance:

Contact an independent adviser
An independent insurance adviser can refer you to several insurance companies depending on your needs. He or she is a generalist who has an overview of the different types of insurance available in Switzerland.

Ask to be contacted by a specialist from an insurance company
The insurance specialist at your health insurance company will be able to find the solution that best suits your needs. This expert knows all the products and options available to you for increasing your benefits or adjusting your health budget. They can also help you manage your insurance more easily by answering all your administrative questions.

We advise you against accepting appointments offered by telephone canvassers and remind you that we do not use telemarketing organisations.

Would you like to meet a Groupe Mutuel specialist? Fill in our advice request form and we will send you a personal adviser. The process is free and without obligation.

Your basic health insurance covers treatment abroad only in the event of an emergency. Voluntary treatment is not reimbursed.

In EU/EFTA countries, emergency medical expenses are covered by the basic health insurance, upon presentation of the European Health Insurance Card (back of your insurance card), under the conditions provided for by the social system of the relevant country. However, you remain subject to the local cost-sharing amounts, which may be higher than in Switzerland. Mundo supplemental insurance refunds the corresponding amount.

In countries outside the EU/EFTA, emergency medical expenses are covered by the basic health insurance, up to twice the amount that would have been paid by the insurer if the treatment had taken place in Switzerland (200% of the Swiss rate for outpatient treatment and 90% of the Swiss rate for inpatient treatment). Supplemental coverage, such as Mundo insurance, is especially recommended for the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, where medical services are very expensive compared to Switzerland.

On the Groupe Mutuel premium calculator, you can design your offer by selecting all the insurance plans you wish to take out and obtain a personalised quote. The amount of the premium indicated takes into account all the factors that have an impact on the premium, such as

  • the age and gender of each person to be insured
  • your place of residence
  • any discounts (family discount or discount from the third child onwards)

This way, you get a quote for you and your family with an accurate estimate of your premium. You can also ask for advice, be assisted in concluding the offer or sign your contract yourself, directly online.

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