Switch health insurance

How to terminate your contract without any hassle

Do you wish to switch basic health insurance or terminate your supplemental insurance? These administrative procedures are subject to specific deadlines and to a written request. Follow our recommendations to adjust your coverage easily.

Switch health insurance

Each year, you may choose to adjust your deductible amount, your basic health insurance model or switch to another insurer. These procedures are regulated by the Swiss Law on Health insurance (LAMal/KVG) and are therefore identical for all basic health insurance contracts, regardless of your insurance company.

Autumn brings with it new insurance premiums. Each year, the Federal Councillor in charge of health announces the new health insurance premiums for the coming year. Premiums are calculated based on the health costs observed during the past year and the forecasts of the Federal Office for Public Health for the coming year.

You can then adjust your insurance model or switch to another health insurance company, in order to find the best match between the level of your premiums and your insurance needs.

  • If you wish to save on your health insurance, you may increase your deductible amount or choose an alternative model.

Calculate your insurance premium online

Thanks to our online premium calculator, you can estimate the costs of basic and supplemental insurance for yourself and your family members. Compare insurance models, view your personal monthly premium and choose your coverage. You may create your own tailor-made offer and receive it by mail or by post, but you can also take out insurance directly online.

How do I switch health insurance?

The request to terminate your basic health insurance contract may be rejected if it is not done correctly, if it is submitted late or if you have unpaid premiums.

Although some insurance companies accept emails and faxes, the safest way to terminate your insurance is by sending a registered letter:

  1. Send your request in writing
  2. Date and sign the request
  3. Send your letter by registered mail
  4. If the termination request concerns several insured persons, each insured person over the age of 18 must sign it.

Do not forget to pay any remaining premium invoices and statements of benefits. You have until the effective termination date to pay any amounts due.

Since basic health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland, your termination will be effective upon receipt of the insurance certificate from your new health insurance company.

What are the termination deadlines?

Deadlines for terminating basic health insurance are regulated by the LAMal/KVG. They are the same for all health insurance companies in Switzerland:

  • To terminate your insurance: your request must reach your insurer by the last working day of November at the latest.
  • To reduce your deductible amount: your request must reach your insurer by the last working day of November at the latest.
  • To increase your deductible amount: your request must reach your insurer by the last working day of the current year.

Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
Working days are Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays.

Attention: It is not the date of postage that is decisive, but the date of receipt of your request by your insurance company. This is why we strongly advise that you send your letter by registered mail.

The deadlines for terminating supplemental insurance policies are specific to each insurer. They are set out in the general terms and conditions of the insurance. If you wish to confirm the termination dates for your contract, please contact your adviser or the customer services of your health insurance company.

due to departure abroad

If you are leaving Switzerland permanently, you can choose whether or not to be released from the obligation to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland. Read about your options and the termination procedures in the event of departure abroad on our page for future expatriates.

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Do you wish to switch insurance within Groupe Mutuel?

You are insured with Groupe Mutuel and have found that another of our health insurance models would be better suited to your needs. To send us your request to change your basic health insurance, you have until the last working day of November. That is the last Friday in November.

Here’s how to change your insurance easily:

  1. Send us a dated and signed request by email (in PDF format) or by post.
  2. Include the contact details of the person concerned: first name, name, client number or AVS/AHV number, preferred alternative model.
  3. If you choose a model with a family doctor or general practitioner, please provide us with the name of the doctor.

To change your deductible, simply send us a request. To reduce your deductible, you must notify us before the last working day of November (Monday - Saturday). For an increase, you have until the last working day of the year (Monday - Friday).

If you are using our GMnet web-based platform or the GMapp mobile application, these changes can be made directly online:

  • On GMnet, go to: Contracts > Change my contracts > Change insurance model
  • For GMapp, go to: Contacts - Write to us - General questions

Health insurance

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Do you have any questions? Contact us!

You are insured with Groupe Mutuel and you have questions about your 2023 premiums or your contract changes? Our advisors will assist you from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Contact us by phone on our dedicated line for policyholders (free number) or by e-mail using our form.

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